EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG

New innovative materials at the AMB 2014 offer solutions for particular situations

Customer: Emuge-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG

Project: AMB - Stuttgart

Stand size: 234 m² / three-aisle stand + 84 m² / three-aisle stand

Concept: WD&B Creativer Messebau GmbH

Realisation: WD&B Creativer Messebau GmbH

With two stands opposite one another, the company Emuge Franken, a manufacturer of thread-cutting, clamping and testing equipment presented itself at the AMB in Stuttgart. Under the slogan "Efficiency with System", innovative and resource-efficient product solutions were exhibited. As a special highlight, a new thread-cutting technology "Punch Tap" was on show to trade fair visitors for the first time.

This progress was reflected in the stand design. The use of a new textile banner material for instance made it possible to cover both surfaces of the circular overhead advertising nameboard, without revealing to everyone what the sub-construction was. A new printing process enabled graphics to be produced in colours of amazing brilliance. The intention of the stand concept, effectively to combine innovation and recognition value, was achieved to perfection. Thus it was an extremely successful trade fair presentation not only for Emuge Franken, but also for WD&B.